Family Counseling Center

counselingCounseling is one of the 4 key resources AOMH offers to clients transitioning out of poverty and homelessness. 95% of individuals experiencing homelessness in the United States are victims of past abuse. We at Alpha-Omega recognize that, while addressing the need for housing and income, we must also address the root causes of homelessness. There is always a need for healing. We cannot stitch up a wound before first treating a wound. Therefore, as part of our holistic response to family homelessness, the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home Counseling Center will feature prominently on the future campus, situated in the new administrative building.
As part of the Alpha-Omega Preventive Care Initiative, counseling services will not only be available to the residents of Alpha-Omega Miracle Home but will also be made available to the St. Augustine community on a sliding fee scale, based on income and a family’s ability to pay. We hope that by offering this service, Alpha-Omega can play a major role in homelessness prevention in St. Johns County. Look for the new Alpha-Omega Miracle Home Transitional Housing facility and Counseling Center to be completed by January 2017.