In recent years, God has led young, pregnant women to our residential  program who live with a traumatic brain injury or other cognitive challenges. After these women give birth and present the gift of adoption, they often end up homeless, neglected, physically and/or sexually abused, or victims of crime at significantly higher rates than the general population. We thus became aware of the lack of affordable, faith-based living programs for women who face these challenges and are not realistically capable of safely living alone without supervision and care.

The staff and Board of Directors felt strongly that God did not make us aware of this need only to ignore it. Hence, the AOMH ICC (Intellectually Cognitively Challenged) Residential Program was launched. The goal of this program is to offer an affordable, safe place for young women, who come into our residency program with verifiable intellectual or cognitive challenges, to be cared for and call home. Staff and volunteers provide a structured routine and assistance with daily living skills, Bible studies, church activities, job training, and opportunities to serve the community through volunteering and/or working.

If you feel that you or someone you love could benefit from our ICC program please contact us.