Residential Program for Single Mothers

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home (AOMH) is a residential program in St. Augustine, Florida, single and expecting mothers. Our facility can house up to 14 single mothers and their children for up to 2 years. On-site counselors demonstrate biblical values and offer emotional support while helping our residents develop essential life and parenting skills. Weekly Bible studies and individual counseling address the emotional and spiritual needs of our residents. While instilling Christian values, the program has a lasting impact on the lives of these mothers, whether they choose parenting or the gift of adoption.

In order to provide a better future for their children outside of the government Welfare system, the single mothers in our residential program are required to work part-time and attend school, either working to earn their GED, High School Diploma, Associate’s Degree or technical certification. AOMH helps our resident mothers secure childcare, clothing, baby items and transportation while they are working towards self-sufficiency. All these needs are provided at a truly affordable fee, substantially below our cost. No one is ever turned away for financial reasons and program fees are only required once our residents begin working so as to create a realistic foundation for their self-sufficiency.

Do you qualify to enter the Residential Program at Alpha Omega Miracle Home?

If you are experiencing the following in your life, you may qualify to enter our Program:

  • Are you a single mother or pregnant and 18 years old or older?
  • Are you homeless or soon to be homeless with no other alternative housing arrangements such as with a family member or close friend?
  • Are you currently drug free and committed to remain so? We are not set up as a drug rehab. We are willing to place your child in our extended family program while you complete a rehab program of your choosing. Upon completion, you and your child can come into our resident program together.
  • If pregnant, are you considering parenting or adoption?
  • Are you looking to work and further your education? All residents are required to work and, if applicable, attend school while in our program.
  • Are you looking to build a foundation on God’s Word? We are a faith based ministry and require our residents to attend church and daily bible studies. Are you willing to let us teach you how God can help you get your life on track?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to transition your life from instability to stability?

If you meet the above criteria, please contact Alpha-Omega Miracle Home and a specialist will get back to you shortly!

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